Be the best rider you can be by developing a strong foundation. Stephanie has been teaching for over 20 years and prides herself on improving rider communication and effectiveness through correct position and application of the aids. Position not only gives the rider security and balance but also brings confidence and a better ability to control the horse. Steph specializes in helping riders problem solve to achieve harmony and partnership with their horse but she still loves teaching the basics to children and adults. SL Equine gets remarkable results by developing a solid foundation using the principles of classical equitation. Stephanie herself continues to develop as a rider and horseman in order to help her students achieve the best possible relationship with their mount.


From Babies to Old Timers, True Leadership begins on the ground. We teach horses to make the right choices starting in hand. This allows them to find their full potential on the ground and under saddle. We give horses a solid foundation based on Classic European Methodology but with a distinct twist of “Cowboy Common Sense”. We will adapt our programs to each horse so that every skill is mastered before moving on to the next one. This makes an incredible difference to your horse’s outlook regardless of what their experience has been until now or what their future will be. Young or old, softness and relaxation are the keys to a fantastic ride. Make them yours.

Evaluations & Troubleshooting

This is beneficial to your horse regardless of why it needs training. We will assess your horse and deal with any resistances as they arise. We assess its respect, trust and responsiveness. This first encounter can be intense and will indicate where the real problems and their roots lay. We use non-resistance techniques to obtain results that you will see and feel even after only one session.

Trailer Loading

Trailering should never be a source of stress for you or your horse. Stephanie has successfully taught even the toughest of horses to load. With time, skill and patience it is possible to teach any horse to trailer safely. Traveling will be more enjoyable for both of you!

Pre-purchase Assessments

We will assist you in finding your perfect mount. By assessing your skills and comfort level, we can ensure you the best possible match. Steph has a great eye not only for physical problems but also for behaviours that indicate that there may be issues with riding or handling the horse in the future. She will get to know her client before starting a search to truly understand them as a rider and owner. A happy union is our goal and we will do all that we can to make this your “happily ever after”.

Sales Preparation and Showings

We can make your horse look and feel its best. Whether it needs a fitness program or just a thorough grooming, SL Equine will make a difference in how your horse presents. Steph has spent her entire life riding in the barns of the highest caliber of riders as well working for top sales barns and breeding programs in France during her apprenticeships where she trained, conditioned and groomed horses. Sales were also a huge component of the breeding and training programs in France. Her friendships and well known standards of excellence have on occasion led her to Spruce Meadows and Devonwood for a weekend of show grooming where she not only had lots fun but was well paid and was offered jobs with other show barns.

* Additional Notes *

Must have appropriate work area for any “house calls” (travel fee will be charged)